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CRS Point Calculator

Canada immigration welcome 3,600 candidates almost every fortnight based on CRS cut off. CRS Score is calculated based on Age, English, Education, work experience, marital status. you will have the better chances if your score is above 460 under express entry. It is believed to be good below combinations. Below 30 years, Post graduate with 3 years’ experience It is very important that if you do not have the above combination, you will end up looking for the PNP programme. We strongly advise to check your points for each PNP and latest PNP score. Don’t go as per the eligibility criteria; go by your score and cut off score. Candidates can directly apply for their desired province For permanent resident visa through PNP programs offered by Canada immigration authority (IRCC).

Determine Your Eligibility

Factors which affect the points allocated to the candidate are:

  • Age: You are eligible for high score if your age is below 30 years. As you have high working proficiency during this time.
  • Language Proficiency:  IELTS test can establish that you are proficient in English language.It is suggested to have 8,7,7,7 (Listening, Reading, Writing and speaking) 
  • Education: Candidates who have higher education and have good results with degrees from a recognized university have high scores.Post graduate or above will have the better chances.
  • Work Experience: Canada is always on the lookout for skilled workers hence having work experience can work in advantage and make you eligible for good points.
  • Adaptability: Having a Sibling already settled in Canada makes you eligible for high points.


How To Check Your Eligibility For Canada PR Status ?

The eligibility for Canada PR status is calculated on the basis of Point measurement of every candidate. These points are calculated based on the personal information of the Candidate in which the parameters of evaluation are: Age, Language proficiency, Education, Work Experience and adaptability. There are points which are allotted to the candidate and based on these points under the comprehensive Ranking system (CRS) a score is set for each candidate. These scores are different for every individual depending on their capabilities and credentials. After this the minimum eligibility of the candidate is calculated based on the points determined by the IRCC and announced under the Express Entry Draws. It should be noted that only those candidates who score minimum points as per the Express Entry Draws will become eligible to apply for the PR status.

To check your Score from IRCC Canada government website, click here

Calculate Your Eligibility For Canada PR