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Australia immigration

People who migrated to Australia before 1990 and have not travelled out of Australia might not have a record in VEVO. You can apply to have a record created. You can then use VEVO to prove you have a permanent visa.

Determine Your Eligibility

Factors which affect the points allocated to the candidate are:

  • Age: You are eligible for high score if your age is between 25 to 35 years of years. As you have high working proficiency during this time.
  • Language Proficiency:  IELTS test can establish that you are proficient in English language and attaining good score allots you with good points
  • Education: Candidates who have higher education and have good results with degrees from a recognized university have high scores.
  • Work Experience: Canada is always on the lookout for skilled workers hence having work experience can work in advantage and make you eligible for good points.
  • Adaptability: Having a Sibling already settled in Canada makes you eligible for high points.