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Quebec is one of the new Proviance to invite the applicants for PR

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Quebec Immigration - Skilled Worker Program

We strongly recommend you to take one-to-one assessment from us or any consultant who provides un-biased opinion before you apply. 

The Quebec immigration selection system for Quebec Skilled Workers is to get the possible immigrants to be at Quebec. Before you ready and understand the process, calculate the score and if you get above 50 for single and 59 points for married person, then only proceed further. 

It is advantage to know French for this province. 

Unlike other provinces the all College courses wont be consider. Candidate need to have the specialization based on the the list given by Quebec.

The list is

Highlights of Quebec PNP Immigration - Skilled Worker Program

Unlike other PNP, Quebec wont consider just based on the qualification but also with your specialisation.  Quebec has divided the speciation as section A to E.

List of Areas of Training - Section A

Prospective immigrants whose educational or training qualifications fit under this section will receive 12 points towards their Quebec Skilled Worker Program applicant score. If their spouse's area of training is classified under Section A, 4 points are awarded.

Bachelor's Degree from a Foreign University:


Master's Degree from a Foreign University:

It means that if your specialization is other than above, you will get the points for education. In nut shell you may not qualify to apply.

the remaining details you may get by clicking here

How to calculate your score:

You Need to score 50 if you are applying as single and 59 if you are applying as family. 

Having kids and knowing French language is added advantage. The calculation procedure is little difficult in Education section. 

Training (maximum 26 points) (Combined with Education and work experience)

Maximum of 26 points are awarded under the Training category of the Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Program. These points to be secured under two sub-categories: Education (Max 14 points), and Areas of Training/work experience  (max 12 points).

The education must have attained in the five years prior to applying for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Otherwise, the prospective immigrant must have worked in a field directly related to their degree or diploma for a minimum of 12 months in the five years before submitting their application. Basically if you have completed your education more than 5 years ego, then you must have worked in the relevant field at least for 12 months.

Points calulation table 

Below are the factors for each parameter 




Up to 14 points (Cutoff Score = 2 points)

Area Of Training

Up to 12 points

Validated Employment Offer

Up to 10 points

Work Experience

Up to 8 points


Up to 16 points

Language Proficiency

Up to 22 points

Stay And Family In Quebec

Up to 8 points

Spouse/Common-law partner Characteristics

Up to 17 points

Presence Of Accompanying Children

Up to 8 points

Financial Self-Sufficiency

1 point


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