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About PNP

PNP program is introduced by state governments in Canada. Federal (Central govt.) allowed each state to fulfil its requirements; as the ‘Express Entry’ is conducted by central government. If some one doesn’t qualify for ‘Express Entry’, then candidates will try for PNP. It doesn’t mean it is easy for PNP, the expectations are just below express Entry. It is very important to take the ‘assessment’ or ‘ Case counselling’ from the reputed Canada PR agents. There are 7-8 active provinces are inviting for the application.

Check Your Eligibility for Canada PR

Before even you think about the PNP or Express Entry, have the better understanding about your profile, CRS Score, average cut-off score for each PNP or Express Entry.

Most of the candidates just jump into the process and end up loosing money, time and hope. It happens as the candidates are misguided. Please take the counselling from the reputed Canada PR agents in your city. 


Most of the candidates thinks that if they don’t get the required CSR score for Canada PR under Express Entry, it would be appropriate to apply for PNP. Not really.

Also most of the applicants are believed having eligible points of 67 is enough to apply for Express entry. Candidates are mis-guided and forced to apply will end up with loosing money and time.

It is strongly advised to get the unbiased ‘profile analysis’ from reputed Canada PR consultants or you may approach us.    

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