Singapore photo specifications

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Singapore photo specifications

Date : 28th March 2022    0 Comment

Height x Width 45.0 x 35.0 mm
Face Size 80% of the photo (32.0 to 36.0 mm)
Face Orientation Front
Background Plain, light colored with no patterns or shadows
Accessories No sunglasses, hats or masks. Religious headgear is allowed, but should properly show the face.
Comments Two recent passport-sized photographs are required - Matt finish, Ears visible, Neck & Shoulder visible. Photo should be without border.

Singapore Visa photo size

Along with the documents required for Singapore visa application for Indians, two passport size photographs need to be submitted. In order to ensure a successful Singapore Visa process, all applicants applying for Singapore tourist visa must present a full-face photograph, taken against a white background with a specific size. Below is the requirements and Singapore visa photo size for Indian citizens applying for Singapore visa. 

 Please ensure that your Singapore visa photograph meets the following requirements:

 1. The Singapore visa photo size should be 45.0 (Height) X 35.0 (Width)

 2. The background of the photo should be plain white or any light colour shade. Please ensure that the background doesn’t have any patterns, shadows or designs.

 3. A "full face" photo is one in which the applicant is facing the camera directly. The applicant should not be looking down or to either side. The face should cover about 80 percent of the area of the photo. The key requirement is that the photograph clearly identifies the applicant.

 4. Sunglasses, hats, scarfs or other accessories, which would detract from the face, are not acceptable. However, religious headgears are permitted but should show the face clearly.

 5. Photos of members of the military, airline employees or other personnel wearing hats are not acceptable.

 6. Since a separate visa is issued to each qualified applicant, an individual photo is required in all cases. Group photos are not acceptable.

 7. Digitally-altered photographs will not be accepted. This includes alterations of color or pattern in the background of the picture. Photographs that are out-of- focus, air-brushed or otherwise substandard will not be accepted.

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